Tuesday, February 9, 2010

6 weeks and counting.....

What a week! My sister-in-law Leslie came to visit us. Leslie is so calm in every situation so it was wonderful to have her here---she cleaned a bit/organized my kitchen and helped explain a few baby books so I didn't have to take the time to read them all. But most of all---was a fun friend to have join me. Dan even watched Jae Beth so she and I could go to a dinner with Dan's other amazing sister Sarah. We had such fun girl time!! Jae had her bronchoscopy this past Thursday. It was a very difficult thing for us to do--putting our baby under anesthesia and a doctors care without us standing over her. But we gave it to the Lord--and the results were that she would grow out of her stridor. Praise the Lord!!! We had to stay the night because of her age--and wow--were we glad to come home! 30+ hours in a hospital with a baby is NOT a fun thing. Our sweet pastors from FBCD came to visit at 6:30am before the surgery--and as we were checking out. We also had a sweet co-worker of mine stop by. She also threw Jae a shower back in December--we love Dianna! And my Granddad came by to see us--he has made hospital visits for over 50 maybe 60 years--I just wish it hadn't been his own family this time--but his presence always calms me. We left with the great news and with a happy little baby girl. Before the surgery she weighed in at 11.4lbs and 24 inches long at 5 weeks old. I think we have a big girl-- and she was so upset after the procedure that we had to hold her for 3 hours straight. Holding an almost 12 pounder with cords and oxygen is NOT easy! So thankful to be out of there! This past weekend we had my mom come in and my g-parents came over to play with Jae Beth so Dan and I could get away on a date. My mom is so selfless when she comes in--she just wants to do whatever we need for her to do--and that is to just love Jae Beth! She bathes her and rocks her, feeds her, rocks her, and allows Dan and myself to get away!! This gives me much needed relief from being tied to a nursing baby. She literally kicked us out of bed on Saturday to go to the Original Pancake House --then after my first hair cut in almost 4 months- and Dan's trip to Bass Pro-- after lunch at La Mad we went to NP to see that movie with Mel Gibson--the name escapes me a the moment. Anyway--had language but a good story line. We also had two visitors stop by this weekend--one of my best friends from DBU Liz and Brianna (a fellow Christian mother I met at work). Sunday we had Jae's baby pictures taken by a friend from DBU--we shot them in our apartment--we were thankful to have family there to help. It was a little chaotic but fun. Our life always seems so busy but so beautiful at the same time! And by the way-at 6 weeks old-this little girl smiles and laughs at her daddy every time they are together now! It's so fun to see this relationship they have-I can't wait to see who is going to try to date her one day--haha--no chance with Dan as her dad!

On our way to the hospital--poor thing-she had NO idea where we were taking her ;(