Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Truth-4.5 years and 4.5 months

(Yes that is Dan carrying all my stuff plus his fly rod at the airport)

My husband and I have been married for 4.5 years. We are the most compatible couple I have ever known. He is calm when I am dramatic. He is neat and orderly and I am --mmmm--let's just say funky and clutter-some. I love rock concerts and he loves quiet afternoons at a park. He has to turn my music down when he gets in my car, and I turn his up!! He likes to edit and I like to post (and no I did not edit this before I posted-and my mom was and english teacher). I would be happy as long as everything in the house was sanitary-he would be happy as long as it's neat and orderly. My sweet wonderful husband is any woman's dream man (watch it-- he's taken!!). He is the hottest thing I have ever seen, he loves the lord with all of his heart, and he cooks and cleans! We do actually have things in common. We are both completely and utterly competitive ( I am a little bit more than him). We both love playing sports. We both put God and family before anything else. Both enjoy spending all of our free time just being together. The one thing that took me the longest time seeing eye to eye with him on was when to start our family. A little over a year ago Dan told me he was ready to start our family. I laughed---and then gave him that look like "are you crazy??". He was in his 1st year of his MBA and I had just felt called to go back into sales. I confessed that I didn't think we were ready. But over time, after spending lots of time praying and planning we started to prepare for this baby. I love kids---you can ask anyone. I was the Nursery Volunteer Coordinator at a very large church. This means I heard LOTS of crying 4 services each weekend, changed LOTS of diapers, and still LOVED seeing those cute little babies each weekend. I LOVE cute, fat, pinch-able babies. And on that you can ask my niece and nephews ;). But I also knew the reality of how difficult it was going to be. So- I started planning about 8 months ago. I know that sounds like a crazy person to plan so early, but I knew mentally I would need that prep. I knew Dan would graduate in Dec 09, I knew I would be at a good point in my career, and I knew that we would have found the perfect size living space for our family. What I didn't know is that I would need even more prep physically. NOONE and I mean NOONE told me how hard it is being pregnant. My mom always told me that it was hard having a baby, but didn't go into a lot of detail about the 9 months prior. And I am thankful that I didn't know what I know now. Because I would have felt the need to wait even longer. I understand that every woman is different. But I used to pride myself on trying to be the best and being that athlete that can endure all. I played volleyball on a broken shoulder for over a year in college---I need some credit. BUT thus far into my 4.5 months of pregnancy it has been the hardest thing I have ever had to endure in my life. I found out I was pregnant at 4.5 weeks in April 09. We hadn't exactly planned to start until July 09-but we were both thrilled to find out the news (I will tell how I told Dan one day). So at 4.5 weeks we were not telling anyone until 7 weeks. We had just always heard you should wait to tell. So no one knew until Mother's Day weekend (I will also blog about how we told our family later). At about 6 weeks I started getting severe nausea all day long. I have a job where you have to look, dress, speak, and act the part of an "super professional". I got up each morning puking my guts out (literally I would think how did I just have anything left), drink enough ginger-ale to get me through trying to fix my hair in a bun, put make up on, put a suit on/bronze my pale face, and just in time to get sick again before leaving the house. I finally got on Zophran after the other pill just made me tired and nauseous. Working with morning sickness was more difficult than all my 4 years of "3 a days" from college combined. I took a pill every day until June 28th. Yes I was counting!! While on vacation I was able to stop the pill but then I started getting headaches. I have learned to cope with them--but working with a migraine is like pulling teethe. There have been about 3 days the past 2 weeks that I didn't get one. But now that I am 4.5 months expecting---I have getting severe migraines each day. I think that it is all from my sinus issues (I was due to have sinus surgery last October but never had the time to do it). And guess what---I have now have been diagnosed with a sinus infection--yip pee! I hate to complain---but I just had no clue what some expecting moms go through. I hope and pray that these pregnancy issues go away soon. I just have no idea about this stuff. I have a new found respect for all mom's, but especially those mothers that went through a horrible first few months. But in the mean time I have the most amazing man by my side helping me through it all. This baby has the most self sacrificing Daddy in the world!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jumping Into Blogging-Florida 09 pt. 1

Dan fishing off the shore.

Dan and Jordan after a morning of fishing with Granddad.

July 4th-if you only knew!!

Our sweet Grandparents.

Janae trying to catch the big one!