Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Future Needs a Big Kiss....

Here is a sneak peek at our U2 experience. I will post more later---and more of why I have loved this band since the 8th grade. Enjoy the pics!

First wee hours of the morning...Yes we waited almost 8 hours to get the good seats we had!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Moon, and More!

We decided to take our "baby moon" to Beavers Bend. This is a state park that I grew up going to with my mom. As children we never camped, fished, or grilled out at the park because my mom didn't know how to do those things with 4 little kids---but my sweet mom would take all of of us to this park to run around and explore all day long. We lived a little over an hour away. We loved it!!! So when Dan heard that I thought it was a good place to go for a couple of days he was on board! He had fly fished there once before. We had never been together. We drove up and down the hills where I relived wonderful childhood memories of chasing rabbits and seeing deer. Nothing had changed---this trip we saw countless deer (including a buck), rabbits, spiders, and I loved every moment with Dan. We really enjoyed this trip ---we have decided to make this an annual trip---and Dan has decided to visit her multiple times during the year. The day before we left for our trip we went to Canton--or better known as 1st Monday. Dan had never been and I thought he might enjoy it--err--or enjoy the food. He actually found a cool little fishing gadget that both he and my mom got. My sisters ended up coming later that day and surprising all of us--fun day! I also got to see my friends new born baby girl in Tyler after our day of shopping in Canton. Enjoy the pictures!!

The place I use to visit as a child---just got better!

Our adorable red cabin with an amazing view!

Ha--our atempt at getting a photo together.

This was my view while driving to each creek.

Addison Jane Clark--4 days old!!! She is so beautiful!

We met in July 2008 at training--spent a month together---and have never parted. She lives in Tyler and I live in Dallas--but that is what the phone is for! I have learned so much from this girl and that is because she has many young friends with babies and she READS everything she gets her hands on! Congrats Bri---she is beautiful!