Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy Week

We really had a busy week. Starting last weekend we had dinner with friends followed by a pregnant slumber party with my friend Brianna. The next day I helped with her baby girl shower. That night Dan and I went to Home Depot and that is where I cut my finger. Sunday we had an AWESOME day --found a Sunday School class and made some great new friends! It was also my Granddad's 78th birthday! Monday Dan had his fishing boothe to run. Tuesday we had an apartment life event. Wednesday was my alumni game where I got to see girls that I haven't seen in years! Also last night was followed by my little brother going to the ER with his roomies. He wasn't feeling well and they are still running tests. Tonight Dan had class and I had work to do at home. And tomorrow it starts all over again! Life in the Gibson home is ALWAYS busy--but fun! We are just thankful to be alive and able to do what we do.

My friend Brianna called me earlier in the day and said that they would be in Dallas in a limo--did we want to go to dinner. I said YES--how fun---casual clothes and a limo!

The next day was Brianna's shower. So much fun to have another friend expecting. Especially when that friend reads EVERY baby book and has an NP as a best friend---all I have to do is call and she knows the answer! She is due in September with a precious baby girl Addison.

We were all hired at the same time and spent an entire month together in Orlando for training in July 08.

This is funny. We were looking at paint colors at Home Depot. I was walking by the new LG dryers and tried to open it the WRONG way. I cut my finger and filed a report. My husband thought it was equally embarassing as it was funny. I told him that a report would protect us if my finger fell off---he just laughed.

Dan's DBU fishing club at the DBU welcome back event. (not pictured is Dan's supportive wife in a bass pro t-shirt!)

My roommate from college Leah--we met our first day at volleyball practice---and never parted from one another---we had the best college experience EVER!

Class of 04' volleyball. We all started in August of 2000 and finished together---loved these girls!

Another one of my teammates from DBU. Cara is now 2 weeks ahead of me. She too is having another baby girl! We were the coaches for the night since we coudln't play. But I was yelling the entire game!

Sweet Kim ---she is due the first week in December with ---yes---a baby girl. Kim and I met back while I was in high school at a church camp in New Mexico---Glorietta. Then we found each other in college again--small world in the Christian relm!

Karina and Kathy---I loved these girls at DBU. Kathy slept in our dorm room countless nights my freshman year. I played v-ball with Karina for a semester.

I LOVE Cathy! I played with her for 3 years---then she became our head coach my senior year.

The girls were practicing together before playing the new group of DBU players---who by the way are AWESOME!! Cathy built a great group of girls!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dinner with Friends

We were able to have dinner with Kristen and Daniel on Tuesday night. We haven't had dinner with these friends since Emily was born. She is 10 months now! We are all very busy and they live about an hour away from us so it's been difficult to get together with them. We really missed them. Sorry Daniel didn't make any of the shots because of course Emily was my focus--ha!

She was such a cutie!! Pretty sure I pinched her ALL night!

Like the good fisherman Dan is---he really utilizing his bait!

Yes--I am biting her!

I really couldn't help myself---she was so stinkin cute!! Don't worry--it wasn't a hard bite! Kristen understands my need to eat up her little girl!

Preparing for Baby--Registering, Bedding, and more!

I honestly thought that registering would be difficult but at least fun. I mean you are getting to pick out things your little baby will need and things that will help you be a better mother and father. Right?! When I registered at Target last week I was able to meet with a friend for about 30-45 minutes to look around and make some decisions on what Jae needed. That meeting was at least educational! I know things for baby have changed a lot in the past few years but I really would have loved doing this with my mom, Les, Bev, and Sarah. But my mom lives 2 hours away and I really wanted to get this task crossed off my list ASAP. So Dan and I ventured out on Thursday night alone to Babies R Us. This was an interesting event. The first thing we tried to register for were bottle nipples. Well I have NEVER EVER purchased bottles or nipples for the bottles--I still don't know what a "wide neck" bottle is?? Poor Dan tried to step in and help--but still we had NO clue what we were doing. This frustration prompted us to move on quickly to the items we knew more about-swings, monitors, and bouncers . After an hour of stumbling around the store --we were spent. Who knew this would be such a difficult task!?!

Then we spent last weekend looking at bedding and furniture. That was much more fun! I have looked at bedding every night for 2 weeks straight. Finally I found what I wanted--and thankfully Dan loved it as well. I think I have to like it considering I will be looking at it a lot. But our weekend was especially exciting when I found out that most stores honor competitors coupons! WHO KNEW??!!? We spend about 6 hours out in the car going from store to store. Have I mentioned how much I love my husband! We had a long yet productive day. We feel like we have a better handle on what we need and or want for our sweet baby girl. But honestly---as long as we have food, diapers, and place for her to lay her head I know the Lord will take care of us! Enjoy some of the pictures I was able to snap!

Dan listening to what the sweet lady at Babies R Us had to say about what we "needed". I love the look on his face! You may think this look is "stressed" but it's actually "super focused" because he knows I am not paying attention!

Trying to pick a Travel System---oh boy---what a task!

So I found out that most of these baby places honor competitors coupons!! Oh--they have a lot on their hands with ME and Coupons! I am the type of person that will take that to the extreme. We actually had one sales lady say " people you are killing me with these coupons". Now I didn't know how to take this--oh well--at least we know we can save A LOT!

Oh Dan---he loves little snuggly outfits for Jae. We had to make sure he kept his Dr. Pepper on hand so that he could endure this marathon of a day!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby Gibson is a................... And is now due on 12.28.09!!!!!!

Dan and I in the waiting room before going in for the sonogram.

I was in the room alone until the tech was able to get the measurements he needed--he assured me everything looked great! I had asked him not to tell me the baby's sex until my husband was with me. I was so giddy just laying there by myself. What was it going to be----a boy or a girl????!!!!?????? This was one of my favorite moments.

Self portrait of me guessing what it was going to be....little did I know.......

And Dan just found out what he is going to be the dad of a....................

Yep--he knows now and so do I!!!

After Dan was able to see the baby's mom stepped up to see. We thought it would be more special to invite my mom to the sonogram as well. We only wish Bev and Don could have been present!

They were both so cute and giddy!! This was my view from the bed---I loved every minute of seeing them both so excited!!!

I could not believe how excited I was! Especially since we were both in shock that we had just found out what we were having.

..and baby makes three!!

Telling Jami and Jill......we had to grab Jami out of the shower so we could tell them both at the same time. They will probably kill me for putting this picture up----but I don't care ;).

Telling Bev and Leslie. They are in Pennsylvania--so we tried to document it the best that we could. We do have video of telling each family member on speaker phone.

Right after telling Sarah.

Telling Carrie and Grant.

You bet----it's a girl. I was a little bit worried about Dan's response to this. But as soon as the tech said he was sure the baby looked good and it was a girl--Dan started smiling. Over the next hour he seemed nervous. I asked him why---he said he was scared to be the dad of a little girl. I assured him that she will think he hung the moon and that he will always make her feel safe. After that---wow---he showed his true feelings. Over our dinner date he said he HAD to go get her an outfit tonight. I was in shock. He first said something about getting "fairy wings" so she could play in them. WHAT??!? I was in shock yet again. He was so excited. As we were looking for what he called his "perfect first outfit" he spotted a pink barbie fishing pole. I am sure that is next on his list. In the mean time I found this adorable outfit! He said he is buying his first outfit online. HA-HA. Seriously too cute!!


Baby Jae Elizabeth Gibson!!!!! Isn't she cute!!!??!!! I already want to squeeze her little cheeks!!! While we were watching her move in my tummy---I thought she looked like she was playing volleyball. Dan of course said it looked more like she was casting and setting the hook. Either way she was very active. The tech told us she has long limbs and looked like a perfect baby. Either way---I am in love with this little girl!

We already love her more than she will ever know!! Thank you for all of your prayers today---they were felt and heard. I think this picture looks like she is eating chips and salsa! Ha-ha. Also I would have loved to have put a sono picture of the proof that she's a girl---BUT---her father will not let me show that online. He thinks it's inappropriate---how funny is that----he is already the ultra protective dad!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fabulous Birthday Weekend

What I woke up to---Dan was so cute to put this together for me.

Roses from my sweet husband.

Mani's/Pedi's with mom...a total girl day!

Classic Grandmother and Granddad!!

My Hottie!

Opening presents from Don and Bev!

The Family at Dinner.

Grandmother,Mom, and Sisters (poor Jami didn't have time to change out of those scrubs!).

Jordan (brother), Granddad, and Dan (they hate that the girls want to take pictures all night---but were good sports!).

I love her!!

Did someone say ice cream!!??!! Oh that was ME!

One of my FAVORITE presents----Don sent me flowers! I have not had flowers delivered to me in over 7 years--Dan and I agreed a long time ago to not spend money on that. Yes-I cried!!!!

The men in the Gibson Family know how to spoil their women!!!

Dan told me to pack for one night away---and that was it. Normally I do not like surprises---but I LOVED THIS ONE!!!! As you can see what a woman that is expecting might need: Books, Magazines, and Clementines!!

He booked a night for us in downtown Ft. Worth (which we have never spent much time). The hotel was called "The Ashton" and was so romantic--he even made sure there was a jacuzzi! I didn't want to leave--I actually begged him to just retire and stay there with me. Is it too early for that?

Yes he thought of everything---even late night snacks for me aka "the eating machine".

They lit our chocolate on fire---LOVED THIS MEAL. We went through 5 courses --and two of those courses were CHEESE alone! Pure Heaven!

I didn't eat the marshmallow but I know that Landon would have LOVED it!

A fabulous breakfast in bed!! They gave us a $40 free breakfast for my birthday---this was an amazing hotel. It was in old historic downtown Ft. Worth and only had 39 rooms total--so customer service was perfection!

Good bye "b-day surprise get-a-way weekend". Come again soon!!!