Monday, August 3, 2009

Fabulous Birthday Weekend

What I woke up to---Dan was so cute to put this together for me.

Roses from my sweet husband.

Mani's/Pedi's with mom...a total girl day!

Classic Grandmother and Granddad!!

My Hottie!

Opening presents from Don and Bev!

The Family at Dinner.

Grandmother,Mom, and Sisters (poor Jami didn't have time to change out of those scrubs!).

Jordan (brother), Granddad, and Dan (they hate that the girls want to take pictures all night---but were good sports!).

I love her!!

Did someone say ice cream!!??!! Oh that was ME!

One of my FAVORITE presents----Don sent me flowers! I have not had flowers delivered to me in over 7 years--Dan and I agreed a long time ago to not spend money on that. Yes-I cried!!!!

The men in the Gibson Family know how to spoil their women!!!

Dan told me to pack for one night away---and that was it. Normally I do not like surprises---but I LOVED THIS ONE!!!! As you can see what a woman that is expecting might need: Books, Magazines, and Clementines!!

He booked a night for us in downtown Ft. Worth (which we have never spent much time). The hotel was called "The Ashton" and was so romantic--he even made sure there was a jacuzzi! I didn't want to leave--I actually begged him to just retire and stay there with me. Is it too early for that?

Yes he thought of everything---even late night snacks for me aka "the eating machine".

They lit our chocolate on fire---LOVED THIS MEAL. We went through 5 courses --and two of those courses were CHEESE alone! Pure Heaven!

I didn't eat the marshmallow but I know that Landon would have LOVED it!

A fabulous breakfast in bed!! They gave us a $40 free breakfast for my birthday---this was an amazing hotel. It was in old historic downtown Ft. Worth and only had 39 rooms total--so customer service was perfection!

Good bye "b-day surprise get-a-way weekend". Come again soon!!!


  1. This is just absolutely the sweetest, cutest post ever! Sounds like your birthday was pure perfection, start to finish. And how adorable that both men sent you roses! Dan told me the fondue meal was fabulous - I'm just so tickled for you guys that you had such a great time. xoxoxo

  2. I'm so proud of my nephew for spoiling you on your birthday - what a wonderful day and night you had. A belated happy birthday to you. I love all your photos. :-)

    Aunt Barb

  3. What a sweet family....Love the pictures...
    Happy Be-lated Birthday!

  4. Janae, I'm still so sad we missed your birthday dinner! But we're going to make up for it--next week we'll get together for dinner here and just celebrate all over again! And then we can also celebrate knowing the baby's a GIRL!! :)

  5. Sarah--I think my family missed your kids more than you know! So we will have to get together soon--next weekend sounds great! Jami and Jill are dying to see them-and of course so are we!! See you soon!

    And yes--Dan did spoil me!!