Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy Week

We really had a busy week. Starting last weekend we had dinner with friends followed by a pregnant slumber party with my friend Brianna. The next day I helped with her baby girl shower. That night Dan and I went to Home Depot and that is where I cut my finger. Sunday we had an AWESOME day --found a Sunday School class and made some great new friends! It was also my Granddad's 78th birthday! Monday Dan had his fishing boothe to run. Tuesday we had an apartment life event. Wednesday was my alumni game where I got to see girls that I haven't seen in years! Also last night was followed by my little brother going to the ER with his roomies. He wasn't feeling well and they are still running tests. Tonight Dan had class and I had work to do at home. And tomorrow it starts all over again! Life in the Gibson home is ALWAYS busy--but fun! We are just thankful to be alive and able to do what we do.

My friend Brianna called me earlier in the day and said that they would be in Dallas in a limo--did we want to go to dinner. I said YES--how fun---casual clothes and a limo!

The next day was Brianna's shower. So much fun to have another friend expecting. Especially when that friend reads EVERY baby book and has an NP as a best friend---all I have to do is call and she knows the answer! She is due in September with a precious baby girl Addison.

We were all hired at the same time and spent an entire month together in Orlando for training in July 08.

This is funny. We were looking at paint colors at Home Depot. I was walking by the new LG dryers and tried to open it the WRONG way. I cut my finger and filed a report. My husband thought it was equally embarassing as it was funny. I told him that a report would protect us if my finger fell off---he just laughed.

Dan's DBU fishing club at the DBU welcome back event. (not pictured is Dan's supportive wife in a bass pro t-shirt!)

My roommate from college Leah--we met our first day at volleyball practice---and never parted from one another---we had the best college experience EVER!

Class of 04' volleyball. We all started in August of 2000 and finished together---loved these girls!

Another one of my teammates from DBU. Cara is now 2 weeks ahead of me. She too is having another baby girl! We were the coaches for the night since we coudln't play. But I was yelling the entire game!

Sweet Kim ---she is due the first week in December with ---yes---a baby girl. Kim and I met back while I was in high school at a church camp in New Mexico---Glorietta. Then we found each other in college again--small world in the Christian relm!

Karina and Kathy---I loved these girls at DBU. Kathy slept in our dorm room countless nights my freshman year. I played v-ball with Karina for a semester.

I LOVE Cathy! I played with her for 3 years---then she became our head coach my senior year.

The girls were practicing together before playing the new group of DBU players---who by the way are AWESOME!! Cathy built a great group of girls!


  1. I'm loving this blog - getting to keep up with you guys and see all youre busy with. Fun stuff, and it's going to be really fun when everybody has all those baby girls running around. A next generation of friends.

  2. I'm just here from Bev's blog. I wanted to tell you that my grown son was at a wedding and reception last weekend. He said it was fun watching all the kids running around and dancing and playing. Then he told me that the next generation is in big trouble because ALL of the kids were girls.

    I know several young women expecting right now .. only one of them is expecting a boy. Is it something we are eating :)

    You look wonderful!!

  3. You look great! And I love it that everyone's having baby girls. I agree with Bev - a new generation of girlfriends is about to make it's appearance. :-)

  4. Sweet Janae!!!! I am so glad you left a comment on our blog so I could find your precious one!! And, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We are so happy for you guys! We should try to see each other soon--a new teacher started at my school who knows you two: Matt was so funny to connect the dots between us (through Jeremy & Les, etc.). The pink poufs came from Michael's in the Martha Stewart collection--I ended up making the palest ones myself because they didn't have that color included in the package. Please post pics of your nursery!! :)

    Shoot us an email if you guys are in FW:

    Blessings and hugs!!
    Kristin, Greg and Madalyn