Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Past Few Weeks..

The past few weeks have been quite full. I have included pictures from most of the events. First of all Dan transferred to the Frisco Campus to be a new Counselor for the Adult Ed students. He had a "going away" party that all of his department attended and they all said VERY sweet things about him (of course! He IS the best man on earth!). Then I participated in the Women's Expo in Dallas to get 30% at A Pea in a Pod. I did this so that I could save $100 off my pump--and other things that I wouldn't pay full price for! The next day we went to the Sarah and Pace's for Caiden's birthday party. We were only suppose to go for 2 hours after church---we ended up cancelling our plans and staying with them until about 9:30p.m.! We had such a great time and miss seeing them!! And for Labor Day we took off for Paris. We LOVE going to Paris with the family. A) I get to see y mom! B) Because we are always laughing C) Because who doesn't love small town Food!!!! D) We get to spend time with great friends. Enjoy the pics!

Dan's going away party--wish I got more pictures---there were about 30 staff members, a huge cake, and a lot of fun! And no--he didn't wear that tie to work--it was a joke.

After the Women's Expo event. I am smiling because I can't wait to use my 30% off!!!! I also met another drug rep that is due December 28th!

The Pea in a Pod women's expo event. We were all just hoping it would end as quickly as we had agreed to do it!

I was just thinking "when can I get out of here!!". But I have to admit --I loved getting to be around so many glowing soon-to-be mommas!

Caiden opening his presents.

Me with my niece Addison Elisabeth.

Sarah and Addie enjoying the sunshine after Caiden's b-day party.

Dan, Caiden, and Gray playing Star Wars/pirates/jaws in the front yard---Yes each 'little boy" has their own story line it seems---including Dan!

Dan Practicing with the Sling!

Dan and Gray holding up one of Caiden's gifts. You know they live on a real farm when he gets a coupon for CHICKENS as a present!

Eating cake with the kids---this is my personal view every time we eat with them. BUT--I also end up with one of them in my lap--just the way I like it!

Addie looking so cute! Notice to the bandaids on her leg---She is totally rockin' the Punky Brewster look!

Family and friends hanging out at Fish Tales Sunday night. Fish Tales is a fun fried fish restaurant. I love this porch---we all had a seat and enjoyed the cook weather.

Mom and Jami rocking on the porch.

Yep---that spider is what we ran into going out to our car after Fish Tales.

Mr. Taylor telling one of his fun stories---we could listen to him for hours---we love that family!

My Granddad's 78th b-day party.

Jami being a bad influence on our Granddad at his 78th birthday party.

Me and one of my most favorite people on earth. He is amazing--ask anyone!

Mom, Kerri (her best friend), and Jami at the dedication of the building.

This was a picture my brother took of me talking to my 3rd grade Sunday School Teacher--I loved her!!! She and her husband taught me how to memorize the books of the bible--and then if you did it---they took you to Pizza Hut!

Granddad greeting his old congregation---they all listened to him preach for 25 years!

The building dedication.

My sisters and mom---I love these women!

Granddad preaching.

He baptized this kid's dad and Grandfather over 20 years ago---and the boy wanted Granddad to also baptize him. Very cool.

Jami being---Jami.

Lightening hit one of the old Oak trees in my mom's front yard. We are praying it didn't kill it ;(. Cool picture though!

Yes--none other than my favorite Paris treat! Cheese on a Stick and fresh squeezed lemonade. Oh my word---this is heaven on earth. It's also Dan and Jami's favortie thing too!

Girls trip to Cheese on a Stick--while the rest of them practice their music---we have to get out of the house during this time. We can only handle so much piano and singing!

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