Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jae's Crib has arrived!!!

When I found out we were having a baby girl I kind of panicked. I feel really comfortable dressing and decorating for a little boy---but a girl!!??! I am one of 4 kids--3 of which are girls--we LOVE our make up---and we LOVE our clothing---and YES we LOVE our purses---but "baby girl" stuff is different. What was her nursery going to look like???!!!?? We do apartment life in Uptown Dallas. Which means we help host events for the Uptown community. I am not complaining at all--we have a fabulous apartment--but how was I going to make this guest apt. bedroom feel like a cozy and sweet nursery. Plus---I am not what you call a "pink" girl---I bet I only own 2 pink garments. I really like bright vibrant colors in combo with darks. I basically love all fall colors on steroids! It took me about 3 weeks to find her bedding---I finally found it online! I had gone to every baby store---and all of their bedding sent me straight into a sad mood---I just didn't like it. I knew Dan wanted her to have "some" pink and I wanted something dark--so we compromised! Isn't that what marriage is about. ;) However the price was NOT what I was willing to pay. So I started researching even more--I knew this was what we wanted. I finally found it on eBay for $150.00 CHEAPER! The actual store had posted a few of the sets on eBay---and yes they were brand new! I was so excited--I had my husband bidding for me at work---he had his office call to congratulate me when we won! So I had the bedding---then I knew I wanted to do something funky with old antiqued frames. I found a bunch of cool frames at different Hobby Lobby's in the DFW area. They ranged in prices from $4 each to $10.00. Yep--a $200 frame for $10.00!!! Shhh--it's called the BACK of the store---it's all damaged goods for cheap! I also knew what kind of bed I wanted for her. Something dark and I didn't want it to drop down--and I wanted it to be able to transition from crib/day/twin (though we probably will just use it for all the babies). After looking for WEEKS/MONTHS for a good price--we found a set that I had wanted from day one at store that honors competitors! When we bought it they said it wouldn't be here until October 27th! I was so sad---but thrilled we got it for the price we wanted. I knew I could wait for what I really wanted. However--we received a call last Saturday that it came in early! We picked it up yesterday and Dan had it built by the time we went to bed! He is amazing!

I have been sick for about a week with an upper respiratory infection--that included a nasty nasty cough. I had no clue I was that sick--I knew Friday I didn't feel well---but thought it was just allergies. I worked Monday but Tuesday I knew I wasn't ok. After going into his office my OB had me go to the Baylor OB triage to make sure I didn't have H1N1 on Tuesday night. On a positive not we were able to hear Jae's heart beat for about 4 hours!! I was in a private "curtained" room between two women that were expecting and DID have the flu. I can't imagine --I immediately started praying for them and for Jae. I am so thankful that I do not have it. Now trying to protect me against the disease is tricky because every office I call on HAS had the FLU in their office at least once that week and most that day! Yuck!! Even wearing a mask doesn't prevent the particle size from entering the lung. I did cherish getting to go in my Ped's offices and seeing all the cute little chubby sick kids---now I am terrified of them! Please pray for Jae's protection and for my deicisons--I would NEVER want to put her at risk! I feel like the Lord has given us this most precious gift and we want to do all that we can to protect her. Just pray for my immunity and for the Lord's protection. My doctor had me out of contact with people for most of this week--just because my immune system was so low and I was super sick--I was in bed for 4 days all day. I took a double dosed Z-Pac (which I have a delayed rash allergy to) and it really helped me kick it! I will let you know if my face/neck rash actually shows up. Yesterday was the FIRST time this week I felt like getting dressed. So I begged Dan to take me out for just a few hours--you know--a girl needs to run errands!! But I had to be careful because I heard sneezing and coughing EVERYWHERE we were. I was a germ freak before---wait till you see me now! We dropped by his new office in Frisco, ate yummy Broc/cheese soup at Jason's Deli, did a few returns, and got our furniture! We were both BEAT by the time we got home---and I washed my hands and face like 10 times. We also have figured out an alternative closet situation for our little Jae. We were going to give her the guest room closet---but when my mom was in last she said "you know---this is a lot of room for Jae--maybe this should also house storage". What --combine my cute little girl's closet with storage--NO! Ha- I was against it at first--but then decided that was a brilliant idea! When you live in an apartment you get creative! Thanks mom!!! We will show you all of it once it's finished. Dan and I agreed that it has started to feel REAL ----we are going to have a baby!! I will be 26 weeks on Monday---and I can't wait to meet her! Enjoy the pics!

Dan painting! He was actually touching up----he had suprised me one day when I came home--he had painted my accent wall without me asking!!

This was the easiest part of the night--he just had to open the dresser/changing table and wha-la!

But then there was the crib---I would have quit! But oh no--my husband LOVES reading instructions and loves building---yes I know---I am BEYOND BLESSED!!!


And then there was my project......

At least I had a great view to do this.

He snuck a few pictures in.

These are some baskets that were in our bedroom but we felt they would do a better service in the nursery. Plus the espresso brown matched her furniture perfectly!

This is most of her bedding. I loved it! Also--yes those are butterfly wings AND a fish toy. Both of which her daddy wanted for her to have. How sad I thought--her ONLY toy thus far is a stuffed fish! But I love that he loves her so much to make sure she has what she needs. Even down to the fish toy--so they can relate! So cute!!

At the end of the day---the nursery has JUST begun....We will show the final result whenever that occurs. ;)


  1. I am so impressed by Dan's furniture-putting-together skills! :-) Her room is already just adorable. Very creative decorating ideas!!!

    -Rachel Whitenton

  2. The nursery is so pretty! It has to feel a bit surreal to see all the furniture waiting there for her. I can't wait to be there and see it all in person. Dad looked over my shoulder so he could check it out too. oxox

  3. The nursery looks great. I am so impressed that it is ready so early. Way to go!!

  4. Thanks Laura---it is FAR from being complete---but it has started!

    Bev---We really started to get excited when we found out the furniture was in! However--this week I found an "imperfection" on the wood---so I called an they have ordered us a new one that will be in but not for 8-10 weeks! I get to use the one we have until then.

    Rachel--Dan is a huge blessing in many areas of my life---and that includes the fact that he enjoys putting "stuff" together! You will have to come and visit the nursery when it's finished!

  5. Love it, girl! Can't wait to see it in person! Miss you both so much!