Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Months and counting....

Well our baby girl is 5 months old today. Normally, before I had a baby, I would think 5 months sounded like an eternity. But the past 5 months have flown by! I didn't post for her 4th month because I lost our camera--but it has now been found! So I need to catch everyone up!

*4 month check up stats: almost 17lbs and 26" long. She is greater than 95% for both weight and height. (no kidding my arms and back feel this anytime I hold her longer than 2 mintues!)

*The day Jae got her 4 month shots she went to our Sunday School cookout--what a trooper!

*Jae also was able to meet my good friends from high school--we had a mini-reunion! (as pictured)

*Jae squils ALL the time! I think she is going to be talking before she walks!

*Jae's hair still stands up in the back---but it is starting to lay down!

*No more swaddler since 3.5 months old!!! I was getting very frustrated with having to put our baby in this burrito every night. So I told Dan that when I returned from my overnight work related trip I was going to make her swaddle free. I prayed about it a few night before I left--and the night I had to spend away from her. I am not kidding---the NIGHT I returned she became swaddle free! PRAISE THE LORD!!

*She doesn't roll as much as she use to. Now she just grabs at the toys I place in front of her while she has tummy time.

*Jae slobbers ALL the time. We have to keep a bib on this girl 24/7!

*She is put down awake and falls asleep while sucking her ring and middle finger on her left hand. She stared doing this at week 13 I think.

*She sleeps 8-10 hours every night. That really hasn't changed---there was one night she slept almost 13 hours!

*She has outgrown MOST of her clothing--due to the fact her torso is super long (just like her Grammy,Grandmother,and Aunt Jill).

*She LOVES the church nursery and they LOVE her ;)!

*She is still on her schedule everyday. She wakes/eats/plays/sleeps every 3 hours--I love a girl who knows her schedule!

*She now sucks on her toes--this was HARD for me to get use to--now I think it is cute--however I am STILL germ concious so I try to wipe them off frequently with a baby wipe.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Saturday:9am (on the phone w/ Grandmother as she is walking lap 3 of 13 with my Granddad!)--Grandmother :"Well Janae, you know that Jae is just a "solid citizen" isn't she?" (referencing Jae's weight of 17lbs) HAHAHAHA!

Saturday: 2pm (in our home)--Janae: " Grandmother you are so blessed to not have dentures at your age---and your teeth are so pretty---I don't know anyone that still has their real teeth beyond 70". Grandmother: "Well I have been flossing since World War 2 (we all laugh)---Well I have!" Ha--we all giggled about this quote for about 10 minutes!

Saturday afternoon (in our home)---(scene: Jami is looking at her facebook) Grandmother: "Is that Dan in that picture?" Jami: "Grandmother! No that's me!"---hahahaha

Saturday 9pm (in our home)---Grandmother: " You know--I did something today that I wasn't sure about--but I did it. I was all alone and I did a cartwheel." Janae: "That doesn't surprise me you little cutie pie!" LOVE HER!!


Our Grandmother is the funniest and cutest person I have every known. She just gets me---and understands me without me having to say a word---and everything she says is so sweet and innocent--however---she makes the funniest comments!! I have to brag a bit--- She still works out everyday, eats well, loves loves all of her grand and great grand kids, and loves organizing and doing my dishes ;)---she never wants you to repeat something funny that she says and if you do she says " Now you don't have to tell everything you know (as she is laughing). " Whenever she says something so cute or funny--I usually have to squeeze her arm and kiss her cheeks--she is that cute! I think all of us grand kids feel the same way about her---we are truly blessed with a sweet Grandmother! Plus she is still a "little hottie" as Jami puts it!