Sunday, May 2, 2010


Saturday:9am (on the phone w/ Grandmother as she is walking lap 3 of 13 with my Granddad!)--Grandmother :"Well Janae, you know that Jae is just a "solid citizen" isn't she?" (referencing Jae's weight of 17lbs) HAHAHAHA!

Saturday: 2pm (in our home)--Janae: " Grandmother you are so blessed to not have dentures at your age---and your teeth are so pretty---I don't know anyone that still has their real teeth beyond 70". Grandmother: "Well I have been flossing since World War 2 (we all laugh)---Well I have!" Ha--we all giggled about this quote for about 10 minutes!

Saturday afternoon (in our home)---(scene: Jami is looking at her facebook) Grandmother: "Is that Dan in that picture?" Jami: "Grandmother! No that's me!"---hahahaha

Saturday 9pm (in our home)---Grandmother: " You know--I did something today that I wasn't sure about--but I did it. I was all alone and I did a cartwheel." Janae: "That doesn't surprise me you little cutie pie!" LOVE HER!!


Our Grandmother is the funniest and cutest person I have every known. She just gets me---and understands me without me having to say a word---and everything she says is so sweet and innocent--however---she makes the funniest comments!! I have to brag a bit--- She still works out everyday, eats well, loves loves all of her grand and great grand kids, and loves organizing and doing my dishes ;)---she never wants you to repeat something funny that she says and if you do she says " Now you don't have to tell everything you know (as she is laughing). " Whenever she says something so cute or funny--I usually have to squeeze her arm and kiss her cheeks--she is that cute! I think all of us grand kids feel the same way about her---we are truly blessed with a sweet Grandmother! Plus she is still a "little hottie" as Jami puts it!


  1. She is super cute, and nobody would ever believe she's had 6 kids, she's so tiny!! I think Jill looks like her! (And sweet baby Jae looks HUGE in her lap--squeeze those thighs for me!!) We love you guys!!

  2. She looks and sounds like so much fun!! What a great relationship to have!!

  3. I cant stop laughing at the cartwheel!! so funny!

  4. You are so so so blessed to have had so many years with a grandmother. Don only had one with him til he was 5, and I barely remember either of mine. Your grandmother is absolutely adorable, such a fun person. If Jae gets much bigger your grandmother is going to have trouble hauling her around!

  5. I found your blog because I read your MIL and SILs blogs. This post touched me. I lost my grandma suddenly a few weeks ago at the age of 89. Enjoy and hold tight to each moment you have with your grandma. She sounds so very special!!

  6. Thank you for all of your sweet comments--- and something I forgot to say was that Grandmother is in better shape than I am and she is 76 or 77--I can never remember!? She also only lives a few blocks away and takes care of my little girl once a week. Sarah--I know--she is super skinny!!! Bev--Grandmother and I compared muscles on Sunday--and I think she will be able to hold Jae longer than I can!

    We are blessed mostly because she raised her family to follow the Lord no matter what and now this generation is striving to do the same! She is an awesome Grandmother, Pastor's wife, and a perfect Great Grandmother!

  7. I love this post! So, so sweet! And I agree with Jami...she is totally "a little hottie!" Especially in those rockin pink sunglasses! So cute! :)

    BTW...Jer and I both laughed over the "flossing since WWII" comment! Precious!