Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6 months and some rambling of words....just bear with me....

I am a bit behind on this blog this month. We have been busy these past 2 months with weddings/showers/ministry events. Jae got to meet some of her cousins for the first time, met my childhood friend Sarah's little girl, and was able to have a playdate with college friends. Jae Beth turned 6 months old on Friday (6.25.10). It really feels like yesterday that I was expecting this little chunk of joy! However I have been a little overwhelmed as of late. I think I have 5 full time jobs=wife/mother/sister/work/ministry. I am just now starting to feel like my old self again---old self =someone who can function fully in the real world again. I worked out for the 1st time since I had Jae this past week. My performance at the lake house badminton game is what prompted this "new" Janae initiative. As a matter of fact I still have 35lbs I should lose--I had no idea until I stepped back on the scale. I know since am nursing I will NOT diet---I have actually NEVER tried to lose a single pound my entire life---seriously--not once! So when people would talk about calories I was always lost. I wouldn't eat one oreo--I would eat the entire bag! I had this bad habit before I was expecting and after---until last week! The only time I have ever used a scale was when I was pregnant. BUT for the first time I have actually LOOKED at the back of a package before buying it!! Amazing--I had no idea how much sugar and sodium I take in every day!!! Having said all of this---the "new" Janae has worked out almost everyday since last week (love my sister who is my workout partner), cooked almost every night!, and been VERY tired! It's hard to come home after working all day to nurse,cook,spend time with Dan (my FAVORITE part of my day without of doubt),workout, and then try to clean something before bed. Not to mention--I have really had to stop couponing for awhile--it just took too much time--but I miss it dearly. So I have been a bit behind in a lot around here lately. So now I am really enjoying my life---because life is short---it's all about perspective--it's God's life that he has given me a short time to live. I want to be the best wife,mommy,sister, daughter, and friend I can be--but sometimes it's just about being with your husband and your baby! And that is where I am for today--I just have time for the 2 most important people in my life. Plus we are going to be at the beach for 2 weeks very soon---and we can't wait!!! Here is what is going on with my stocking stuffer this past month of life!

*6 month check up=18.12lbs. She has gone from 95% for weight to 93%--so I guess that means she isn't going to continue to be impossible to hold for long periods of time. Her weight has injured 4 family members backs now! bahaha.

*Jae is now a full fledged roller--she rolls over in her bed so much that she ends up on the opposite end of it each and every morning!

*Jae slobbers ALL the time-still!.

*Jae took her first bite of baby food on Father's day at the Gibson lake house---this was such a sweet memory for me to have!

*Jae is now somewhat regular with her pooping thanks to prunes--which she doesn't like at all--she now shudders to the taste!

*She still sleeps 8-10--however---this past week she has woken up 3 times at 3,4, and 6 am! She felt like she needed a snack I guess!?

*She still LOVES the church nursery and they still LOVE her ;)!

*Jae has always been a vocal baby-even from birth--but now she uses her "words" to command attention or to get a toy that she has dropped.

*She also LOVES to pull your face in for a big wet kiss after she has eaten or after you kiss her all over her face! You know that it's a kiss when she doesn't suck on your face and she just sits there and slobbers.

Dan first Father's Day he fed Jae Beth her first baby food--and she "kind of" liked it.

I loved that her face never was fully clean that day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Months and counting....

Well our baby girl is 5 months old today. Normally, before I had a baby, I would think 5 months sounded like an eternity. But the past 5 months have flown by! I didn't post for her 4th month because I lost our camera--but it has now been found! So I need to catch everyone up!

*4 month check up stats: almost 17lbs and 26" long. She is greater than 95% for both weight and height. (no kidding my arms and back feel this anytime I hold her longer than 2 mintues!)

*The day Jae got her 4 month shots she went to our Sunday School cookout--what a trooper!

*Jae also was able to meet my good friends from high school--we had a mini-reunion! (as pictured)

*Jae squils ALL the time! I think she is going to be talking before she walks!

*Jae's hair still stands up in the back---but it is starting to lay down!

*No more swaddler since 3.5 months old!!! I was getting very frustrated with having to put our baby in this burrito every night. So I told Dan that when I returned from my overnight work related trip I was going to make her swaddle free. I prayed about it a few night before I left--and the night I had to spend away from her. I am not kidding---the NIGHT I returned she became swaddle free! PRAISE THE LORD!!

*She doesn't roll as much as she use to. Now she just grabs at the toys I place in front of her while she has tummy time.

*Jae slobbers ALL the time. We have to keep a bib on this girl 24/7!

*She is put down awake and falls asleep while sucking her ring and middle finger on her left hand. She stared doing this at week 13 I think.

*She sleeps 8-10 hours every night. That really hasn't changed---there was one night she slept almost 13 hours!

*She has outgrown MOST of her clothing--due to the fact her torso is super long (just like her Grammy,Grandmother,and Aunt Jill).

*She LOVES the church nursery and they LOVE her ;)!

*She is still on her schedule everyday. She wakes/eats/plays/sleeps every 3 hours--I love a girl who knows her schedule!

*She now sucks on her toes--this was HARD for me to get use to--now I think it is cute--however I am STILL germ concious so I try to wipe them off frequently with a baby wipe.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Saturday:9am (on the phone w/ Grandmother as she is walking lap 3 of 13 with my Granddad!)--Grandmother :"Well Janae, you know that Jae is just a "solid citizen" isn't she?" (referencing Jae's weight of 17lbs) HAHAHAHA!

Saturday: 2pm (in our home)--Janae: " Grandmother you are so blessed to not have dentures at your age---and your teeth are so pretty---I don't know anyone that still has their real teeth beyond 70". Grandmother: "Well I have been flossing since World War 2 (we all laugh)---Well I have!" Ha--we all giggled about this quote for about 10 minutes!

Saturday afternoon (in our home)---(scene: Jami is looking at her facebook) Grandmother: "Is that Dan in that picture?" Jami: "Grandmother! No that's me!"---hahahaha

Saturday 9pm (in our home)---Grandmother: " You know--I did something today that I wasn't sure about--but I did it. I was all alone and I did a cartwheel." Janae: "That doesn't surprise me you little cutie pie!" LOVE HER!!


Our Grandmother is the funniest and cutest person I have every known. She just gets me---and understands me without me having to say a word---and everything she says is so sweet and innocent--however---she makes the funniest comments!! I have to brag a bit--- She still works out everyday, eats well, loves loves all of her grand and great grand kids, and loves organizing and doing my dishes ;)---she never wants you to repeat something funny that she says and if you do she says " Now you don't have to tell everything you know (as she is laughing). " Whenever she says something so cute or funny--I usually have to squeeze her arm and kiss her cheeks--she is that cute! I think all of us grand kids feel the same way about her---we are truly blessed with a sweet Grandmother! Plus she is still a "little hottie" as Jami puts it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sisters on Easter--I love these girls!!

These girls are my best friends! Not many sisters can also be best friends but we are! I also have best friends away from them---but there is just something about sisters. We know everything about one another and we still love each other so much! I love that we can be honest and direct--because we know it's all out of love. There really aren't many people on earth we can do that with. We fight--we love---we laugh (a lot!!)---we cry--we shop--we lay around and pig out on junk food--we vacation together----we talk about all of our big plans for the future--we all love fishing and bugs--and we all REALLY REALLY love babies ---and we are all three COMPLETELY the opposite of the other ...but we have 2 main things in common --our love for our family and most importantly we are all committed to the Lord! I love them dearly and I am so thankful the Lord gave them to me!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

3 Months TODAY!!!!!!

3 months old!!!!!!

It has been 3 months since the day Jae was born. She was born on Christmas day and with all the complications of l&d recovery--family coming and going-and going back to work--it's all been a blur--UNTIL today. Today I felt like it was important be silent and remember all that the Lord has done for us. I didn't answer phones/respond to personal emails/ or turn on the TV--I soaked up everything moment of this time. We are truly blessed. As I sit back and think about how much has changed since meeting this little girl I can't help but remember each and every moment so clearly. The past three months have been some of the most precious and beautiful moments of my life. I cherish each and every moment I have with my daughter--even during the tough and yucky times---because I know she is a priceless gift from the Lord and I want to invest my best into her! I look at her and wonder if she'll be a big sister one day, an athlete, or a scholar (all 3 wouldn't be bad--I would be thankful for a college scholarship!!). I wonder if she'll be messy like me or organized like her daddy. I can't wait to start seeing her personality. But really what we pray for is that she will come to know the Lord as her savior at a young age so that she may experience eternal life and lead others to Him.

progress and development for our sweet family far far away:

When I say my baby girl is a good baby--yes maybe I am biased--but she is--I promise!!! Jae has really had a great sleep pattern since week 5.

She smiles a lot --at everything--and giggles at Dan almost every night.

She LOVES when you sing "itsy bitsy spider" after she rolls over.

She will reach for her toys-but isn't fully able to grasp them yet.

We take a stroll at least once a week to the west village for dinner---Jae just sleeps while eat good tex-mex!! (see Dan pictured for this stroll) We have also enjoyed strolling her down the Katy Trail in Uptown. She has become an urban Baby!!

She really loves having some alone time looking at her fan--you can actually lay her on her back in her crib and she will giggle with the fan.

Her schedule is eating every 3/4 hours. Eats/plays/sleeps. Just like that alllllllllll day long.

She sleeps around 8-9 hours every night-which I hear is great for a breastfed baby.
She has been smiling since week 5 as well. She also started rolling over at week 8. And now she lays in her little crib and watching her baby Einstein ocean life box and rolls over everyday.

She is in the 95% for both weight and height. She is around 15 lbs at 12 weeks--and has been in size 2 diapers for a few weeks---she is like her mama-she gains in her belly!!!

She LOVES talking with her daddy and enjoys talking with me. We get the best "girl talk" in on the changing table. She just stares at me--cocks her little head to the side--and squeals about something. I like to pretend she is telling me that my hair looks fabulous but I could use a bit more lip gloss or I imagine that she is telling me how horrible it is that she can't change her own diaper and can't wait until the day she is potty trained for her and for ME! Either way we have fun.

Yes her hair naturally stands straight up---this is from her daddy. I was told yesterday "at least she will have body in her hair and won't need a bump-it"! Ha-ha!

I pinch her cheeks every 2-3 seconds. I also kiss her ALL the time---she is so use to it now she puts her little mouth against my cheek. I LOVE IT!!

And Yes--I had her announcements done at 6 weeks and STILL--STILL have yet to actually send them out! Wow--I will at some point get my act together!

Jae also has really bonded with my sisters. They come to the apartment to watch her -Jami keeps her 2 days a week and Jill does the same. I feel better going back to work knowing that our family was caring for her. However Jami and Jill are polar opposites. So it's nice that Jae Beth gets to experience different personalities. Their are only two similarities with how they care for my baby---they LOVE HER TO DEATH and they keep her on our schedule which is awesome! Jami is super aggressive when it comes to her affection for Jae Beth. She literally attacks her--and for some reason Jae is ok with it. Jami is concerned and very excited about her development and works with her all day while she is here. Whether it is grabbing or responding to sounds--Jami is going to work with this girl. She even takes the time to study with her--Jami reads to her about whatever is in that MCAT book. Jill on the other hand is just very "sweet" with her. Jill gives her more attention that you can imagine---and when she rocks Jae to sleep it only takes a few moments. Jae really trusts Jill to care for her in a soothing sort of way. She also loves the sound of Jills voice--it paralyzes her--it's oh so cute! And Jae can't get enough of my Grandmother and Granddad! Grandmother had 6 so she knows how to care for this baby---and Granddad will sing and rock with her--oh so sweet to watch! My Grandmother and her even have the same feet--both have their 2nd toe longer than their 1st. Bev may also have this-I need to ask! I think I read somewhere that is the sign of a "strong" woman--I believe it! The 4th day of "child care" is what I call a "wild card" day. Right now my sweet Grandmother has agreed to watch her on this day. We do have a "plan". I say plan loosely because I have learned with my family and Dan's family---plans need to be held loosely--I like to think of it has allowing God to control things--and not Me! Anyway--our plan is for Grandmother to help on Thursdays until my mom gets out of school for the summer. She has offered to watch Jae 2 or 3 days a week in the summer time. So Jami would have her 3---Mom would have her 2---and Jill will be graduating from college in May and hopefully get her career in motion. So this Plan will be in affect until August 15th----then we will have to see. Our church childcare is on a 1 year waiting list! It's unbelievable--but I will just put this date in Gods' hands for now!

Happy 12 weeks baby girl---we love you and can't wait to see what the next 12 weeks bring!!!! I am in love!

All pictures below are from today 3.25.10

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy 5 Year Anniversary

Well Friday was a big day for us. 1) We celebrated 5 years of married bliss! 2) It was my Grandmother's birthday--and Thursday was my mom's birthday 3) I started back to work 4) my mom's house flooded! 5) Our Honda --2007 barely driven Honda--didn't start 6)I found out I have to go overnight on business in April and either take or leave my baby for one night. However crazy our little life is--I still thinks it's more beautiful to live in this chaos than to be bored wishing something new would happen to us ;). My mom came in last week to help prepare me to go back to work--and to watch Jae with my sisters Friday night so Dan and I could have a long date night. However at around 5:30 or so we found out that Mom's house was flooding --mom and Jill took off to Paris--Dan came home to hear the news. I told him we weren't going on a date---just then my grandparents walked in and discovered their stay would be short considering all that was happening. We all decided to go in to help mom around 8pm--then had to turn around realizing taking an 11 week old baby to help wouldn't be an option. So Dan turned around --dropped us off--and he and Jami headed to Paris to help salvage what they could. I spent a fun filled evening with my precious baby--and we celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary. OH did I mention Dan gave me the sweetest card/letter and beautiful flowers! We had decided to get new couches and for go individual gifts this year. Anyway--I heard the door opening at 4am and Dan was home from the adventure. So we were able to celebrate our anniversary on Saturday--THANK YOU JILL!!! We had planned on going to SundaySchool/Church/and a Young Marrieds Lunch meeting today--however--Dan allowed me to sleep after I woke at 7:30 to feed Jae. So next weekend we will try all of this again. And to top it all--we woke up to SNOW?? What on earth is Spring doing producing SNOW???!!

ENJOY these random pictures from that past 5 years of marriage! We have had fun!!!