Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6 months and some rambling of words....just bear with me....

I am a bit behind on this blog this month. We have been busy these past 2 months with weddings/showers/ministry events. Jae got to meet some of her cousins for the first time, met my childhood friend Sarah's little girl, and was able to have a playdate with college friends. Jae Beth turned 6 months old on Friday (6.25.10). It really feels like yesterday that I was expecting this little chunk of joy! However I have been a little overwhelmed as of late. I think I have 5 full time jobs=wife/mother/sister/work/ministry. I am just now starting to feel like my old self again---old self =someone who can function fully in the real world again. I worked out for the 1st time since I had Jae this past week. My performance at the lake house badminton game is what prompted this "new" Janae initiative. As a matter of fact I still have 35lbs I should lose--I had no idea until I stepped back on the scale. I know since am nursing I will NOT diet---I have actually NEVER tried to lose a single pound my entire life---seriously--not once! So when people would talk about calories I was always lost. I wouldn't eat one oreo--I would eat the entire bag! I had this bad habit before I was expecting and after---until last week! The only time I have ever used a scale was when I was pregnant. BUT for the first time I have actually LOOKED at the back of a package before buying it!! Amazing--I had no idea how much sugar and sodium I take in every day!!! Having said all of this---the "new" Janae has worked out almost everyday since last week (love my sister who is my workout partner), cooked almost every night!, and been VERY tired! It's hard to come home after working all day to nurse,cook,spend time with Dan (my FAVORITE part of my day without of doubt),workout, and then try to clean something before bed. Not to mention--I have really had to stop couponing for awhile--it just took too much time--but I miss it dearly. So I have been a bit behind in a lot around here lately. So now I am really enjoying my life---because life is short---it's all about perspective--it's God's life that he has given me a short time to live. I want to be the best wife,mommy,sister, daughter, and friend I can be--but sometimes it's just about being with your husband and your baby! And that is where I am for today--I just have time for the 2 most important people in my life. Plus we are going to be at the beach for 2 weeks very soon---and we can't wait!!! Here is what is going on with my stocking stuffer this past month of life!

*6 month check up=18.12lbs. She has gone from 95% for weight to 93%--so I guess that means she isn't going to continue to be impossible to hold for long periods of time. Her weight has injured 4 family members backs now! bahaha.

*Jae is now a full fledged roller--she rolls over in her bed so much that she ends up on the opposite end of it each and every morning!

*Jae slobbers ALL the time-still!.

*Jae took her first bite of baby food on Father's day at the Gibson lake house---this was such a sweet memory for me to have!

*Jae is now somewhat regular with her pooping thanks to prunes--which she doesn't like at all--she now shudders to the taste!

*She still sleeps 8-10--however---this past week she has woken up 3 times at 3,4, and 6 am! She felt like she needed a snack I guess!?

*She still LOVES the church nursery and they still LOVE her ;)!

*Jae has always been a vocal baby-even from birth--but now she uses her "words" to command attention or to get a toy that she has dropped.

*She also LOVES to pull your face in for a big wet kiss after she has eaten or after you kiss her all over her face! You know that it's a kiss when she doesn't suck on your face and she just sits there and slobbers.

Dan first Father's Day he fed Jae Beth her first baby food--and she "kind of" liked it.

I loved that her face never was fully clean that day!


  1. Girl,
    You are soo right....It's sometimes just all about God, you, your baby and your hubby:))) It's hard to remember that when you have a million things pulling at you, but it's what always brings me back to why I'm here and what this stage of my life is all about:)

  2. I love your blog! Love the update on Jae, i can'gt believe she is already 6 months old! WOW WOW WOW, just watching her, pres, and bren together makes me so excited to have a girl join the fam soon! You have a little doll for sure!:)

  3. Wonderful catch-up, and I can relate. After I stopped having kids I had some lbs to lose and had never had to lose weight in my life so I was pretty clueless as to where to start. You should be proud of yourself for diving in and working at it. We can't wait to have you guys back here with us for another fun lakehouse weekend!

  4. Love the update! I love Jae's messy face!!! She is so cute! And my sweet Pres has passed Jae up in the weight department! Ahhhhh! My "chunk of joy." That is so funny! Can't wait to get together with you guys again!

  5. Loved this post! Great to hear what y'all have been up to...miss all three of you!

  6. such cute pics janae, she is getting so so big!!!! Whitt still drools all the time and he is 13 months, I always feel as if I am covered in it!

  7. Good heavens, our family makes the cutest babies!

    I'm pretty sure I've never ever seen cuter legs on a baby. She's as cute as can be.

    Aunt Barb

  8. Aunt Nae Nae...Jae has been 6 months for a REALLY long time!!! I need new pictures of my adorable neice...I have to squeeze her vicariously through my computer screen. Love you!! :)