Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Week....

1) I'm going through a lot of emotions when thinking about my Granddad and his cancer.  I HATE CANCER!  I was brought up to not say the word "hate"--but I do HATE CANCER!  He has been my Granddad my entire 30 years--but been like a  dad for the past 17.   I love him more than he will ever know.  I get body aches and nausea just thinking about his illness and that one day I will not have him in my life.  However--I get to see my Granddad whenever I want to. I just hope in the car--babies in tow--and drive downtown to see him---that is my blessing.  I see him every week---I AM BLESSED.

I love this shot--because my Grandmother is behind him hugging him even tighter than I am!
2) Dan said he wants to eat better! YAY!  Healthy eating here we come.  Best thing he has said this week is "this is healthy?"--that's a compliment! Neither of us have ever "dieted" or looked at calories.  But he wants to lose 20lbs and I would like to lose 10.  I laugh because he doesn't even weight himself--and I didn't until this week!  We aren't dieting--nor counting calories--I'm still not going to do that--it's too rigid--I feel badly for those that always think about calories--that's no way to live!   We LOVE to eat in my family--so now we are just eating healthier.  yay!!

Today's snack: Chocolate kale chips and "my mix" (1/2 avacado/1 boiled egg/1 beanito chip crumbled/hot sauce)
This might make you NOT want to eat it-but it's good--trust me! I think the Chocokale looks like fried frog leggs HA!

Below are the salmon burger tacos: 

4 ezekiel-49/whole-grain-flourless-tortil
2 salmon burgers (cut into 4 pieces) avacado
sweet and spicy carrots (no oil)
brown rice
1 sprinkle of organic cheese (to make him think it's full of it!)
2 beanito chips crumbled ( love these!!!)
spicy mayo=2 scoops of unsweetened greek yogurt/scoop of red sauce (spicy!) and a little Wholly guac.
I know this looks gross--but it was so good!

3) I finally let Daniel eat cheerios and puffs alone---you know from the high chair tray---(btw do not judge this high chair--we wash it ALL the time--however this boy is a MESSY eater!!)-----without me giving him one crushed up---I know I know---don't judge me.  He should have been doing this 4 weeks ago--I couldn't let go of the control----I was afraid for him to choke--but in only 3 days he learned how to get the food from the try to his mouth! Oh--AND--he took 1 step 3 times this week. Yay-for Daniel!!!

cute chubby baby legs--the best! 

4) We took pictures in the Bluebonnets--as cheesy as it is--I love it. We have never had a family picture in them (except when we had our puppy--super duper cheesy!).  I have tried to get Dan's entire family to do this--but it never worked out.  I don't know why I've never asked mine?!?  However-this year I decided I could control one thing--my crew.  So I decided on Monday that we would get the kids ready and do this on Thursday.  On Tuesday I thought I should see if our friends wanted us to take their family picture--then we could trade off the camera.  This was short notice--but they agreed.  They turned out great because it was fast, easy (because of snacks), and cheap (free!).

5) Easter shopping is completed!  No purchase for me, Jae has a cheap but cute dress from Old Navy.  Dan and Daniel will be tie/bowtie twins! Who doesn't LOVE seeing all the little people dressed up for Easter--I know I do!

THETIEBAR.COM-thanks to my cousin Jerica!! Love this site!
6) When we first moved in I had so many projects on my list--and we started many of them--but really didn't complete most of them.  I quit --didn't care much about it after I found out Granddad had cancer.  Pinterest helps me to feel the urge to complete them--then I quit again.  There are SO many things I NEED --seriously need to complete.  I have fabric to still sew 5 pillows/finish our un-finished upstairs bathroom/paint over my patterned wall/paint Jae's room/hang curtains/paint kitchen cabinets/paint bathroom cabinets/start our bedroom redo-i've put this off since June.   I still have unpacked boxes---from June! I NEED to finish Jae and Daniel's rooms before we put this baby on the market!

(no way am I posting pictures of half done projects)

7) I finally read the paper that came home in Jae's bag from MDO.  Oh great--it's teacher appreciation month at her MDO.  At 10pm had nothing!  So I went and got their specific drink choices (love that it's personal!) and then put these snacks together. Whew! It didn't take long---and I think I liked how they turned out--thank goodness for Jae Beth's left over birthday party stuff! Now I only have 6 more days of this to plan--I need to get started earlier!

came up with this in like 1 minute!