Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sisters on Easter--I love these girls!!

These girls are my best friends! Not many sisters can also be best friends but we are! I also have best friends away from them---but there is just something about sisters. We know everything about one another and we still love each other so much! I love that we can be honest and direct--because we know it's all out of love. There really aren't many people on earth we can do that with. We fight--we love---we laugh (a lot!!)---we cry--we shop--we lay around and pig out on junk food--we vacation together----we talk about all of our big plans for the future--we all love fishing and bugs--and we all REALLY REALLY love babies ---and we are all three COMPLETELY the opposite of the other ...but we have 2 main things in common --our love for our family and most importantly we are all committed to the Lord! I love them dearly and I am so thankful the Lord gave them to me!