Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preparing for Baby--Registering, Bedding, and more!

I honestly thought that registering would be difficult but at least fun. I mean you are getting to pick out things your little baby will need and things that will help you be a better mother and father. Right?! When I registered at Target last week I was able to meet with a friend for about 30-45 minutes to look around and make some decisions on what Jae needed. That meeting was at least educational! I know things for baby have changed a lot in the past few years but I really would have loved doing this with my mom, Les, Bev, and Sarah. But my mom lives 2 hours away and I really wanted to get this task crossed off my list ASAP. So Dan and I ventured out on Thursday night alone to Babies R Us. This was an interesting event. The first thing we tried to register for were bottle nipples. Well I have NEVER EVER purchased bottles or nipples for the bottles--I still don't know what a "wide neck" bottle is?? Poor Dan tried to step in and help--but still we had NO clue what we were doing. This frustration prompted us to move on quickly to the items we knew more about-swings, monitors, and bouncers . After an hour of stumbling around the store --we were spent. Who knew this would be such a difficult task!?!

Then we spent last weekend looking at bedding and furniture. That was much more fun! I have looked at bedding every night for 2 weeks straight. Finally I found what I wanted--and thankfully Dan loved it as well. I think I have to like it considering I will be looking at it a lot. But our weekend was especially exciting when I found out that most stores honor competitors coupons! WHO KNEW??!!? We spend about 6 hours out in the car going from store to store. Have I mentioned how much I love my husband! We had a long yet productive day. We feel like we have a better handle on what we need and or want for our sweet baby girl. But honestly---as long as we have food, diapers, and place for her to lay her head I know the Lord will take care of us! Enjoy some of the pictures I was able to snap!

Dan listening to what the sweet lady at Babies R Us had to say about what we "needed". I love the look on his face! You may think this look is "stressed" but it's actually "super focused" because he knows I am not paying attention!

Trying to pick a Travel System---oh boy---what a task!

So I found out that most of these baby places honor competitors coupons!! Oh--they have a lot on their hands with ME and Coupons! I am the type of person that will take that to the extreme. We actually had one sales lady say " people you are killing me with these coupons". Now I didn't know how to take this--oh well--at least we know we can save A LOT!

Oh Dan---he loves little snuggly outfits for Jae. We had to make sure he kept his Dr. Pepper on hand so that he could endure this marathon of a day!


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  2. OH so we're going to have a girly girl! She'll go well with Miss Addison, who has a deep, abiding love for all things pink and girly. So fun to have another female in the family. Those men already have two boats full of boys for pete's sake. We need more for the girls' club. I think it's wonderful you can register for what you really need, so you're equipped when she arrives, although I do think it's the 'hamster' thing. One $5 hamster needs $100 worth of equipment to raise it!

  3. THANK YOU for telling me that Babies R Us honors competitors coupons! Who knew!?! Go Janae!!!!

  4. I get such a kick out of all the fun you two are having. This is exciting!

    I didn't know that about the competitor's coupons either. That's fantastic.

    Aunt Barb

  5. oops--Court it's actually only at buy buy baby and lonestar baby that they honor the other coupons. Babies R Us does not except the competition coupon. Sorry!! Wish they did!!! Trust me I have have asked!

  6. haha that is great! When Erik and I registered for Jack we did the same thing...started with bottles/nipples and when I found out there were different sizes I walked right out of the store because I NO idea what I was doing!! :)