Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Future Needs a Big Kiss....

Here is a sneak peek at our U2 experience. I will post more later---and more of why I have loved this band since the 8th grade. Enjoy the pics!

First wee hours of the morning...Yes we waited almost 8 hours to get the good seats we had!


  1. Looks like you crazy fans had a blast! I think the tent was a great idea, and you can use it later for camping trips! By the way, nice to see a close up of the baby bump! xoox

  2. J, You are so crazy! Camping out at 31 weeks? You're a better woman than me. I miss you sweet girl! - Courtney Chesney

  3. I love your baby bump!! And it is so crazy to see your sisters so grown up!

  4. I've always loved U2 too but I'm not sure I'd have had your stamina - eight hours! Baby bump is adorable. And you girls crack me up - the way you're all bundled up, you'd never survive here in Colorado. LOL

    Aunt Barb