Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Moon, and More!

We decided to take our "baby moon" to Beavers Bend. This is a state park that I grew up going to with my mom. As children we never camped, fished, or grilled out at the park because my mom didn't know how to do those things with 4 little kids---but my sweet mom would take all of of us to this park to run around and explore all day long. We lived a little over an hour away. We loved it!!! So when Dan heard that I thought it was a good place to go for a couple of days he was on board! He had fly fished there once before. We had never been together. We drove up and down the hills where I relived wonderful childhood memories of chasing rabbits and seeing deer. Nothing had changed---this trip we saw countless deer (including a buck), rabbits, spiders, and I loved every moment with Dan. We really enjoyed this trip ---we have decided to make this an annual trip---and Dan has decided to visit her multiple times during the year. The day before we left for our trip we went to Canton--or better known as 1st Monday. Dan had never been and I thought he might enjoy it--err--or enjoy the food. He actually found a cool little fishing gadget that both he and my mom got. My sisters ended up coming later that day and surprising all of us--fun day! I also got to see my friends new born baby girl in Tyler after our day of shopping in Canton. Enjoy the pictures!!

The place I use to visit as a child---just got better!

Our adorable red cabin with an amazing view!

Ha--our atempt at getting a photo together.

This was my view while driving to each creek.

Addison Jane Clark--4 days old!!! She is so beautiful!

We met in July 2008 at training--spent a month together---and have never parted. She lives in Tyler and I live in Dallas--but that is what the phone is for! I have learned so much from this girl and that is because she has many young friends with babies and she READS everything she gets her hands on! Congrats Bri---she is beautiful!


  1. LOVED the photos, the one of the deer in the creek is awesome! Only you would include spiders in a list of desirable sights on a trip - absolutely kills me how much you like creepy reptiles and spiders and such. How on earth did you grow up to become that way when Sarah and Leslie and I are all terrified of all creatures like that? Maybe you can rub some bug bravery off on me after I get to the lake. So glad your trip was all you were hoping it would be. I've never seen Dan fly fish so thanks for sharing the photos of him in the middle of the creek. Cant wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks. xooxox

  2. Cool place!! I need to look it up and try to go next spring...we need to take a mini-vacation and that looks like a great place to do it! Thanks for the pictures of your adventure.

  3. You took some amazing photos, Janae. I'm very impressed that bugs and creepy things don't bother you. I had to enlarge one photo to see what on earth that was on your hook. Ugh.

    What a great idea - to do this at least once a year. It's a beautiful place. Love, love your photos. And I really love the photo of the baby - just think - you'll be posing for photos like that with your own baby in just a few months. :-)

    Aunt Barb