Monday, July 20, 2009

Jumping Into Blogging-Florida 09 pt. 1

Dan fishing off the shore.

Dan and Jordan after a morning of fishing with Granddad.

July 4th-if you only knew!!

Our sweet Grandparents.

Janae trying to catch the big one!


  1. Hurrah, hurrah! So happy to have you join us. Photos on a regular basis please....

  2. Bev pointed the way to your blog and may I say "Welcome" to the blogging world! I hope you have a wonderful experience and enjoy it as much as I do.
    I have made so many new friends across the country - love sharing ideas and fun ways to live life!
    Your photos of your fishing trip are beautiful! Keep sharing, visit other blogs and comment often, link great sites when you find something to worthy to share, and you will have a wonderful readership!
    Welcome aboard!

  3. I'm tickled pink you two are joining us. Welcome to blogging. And remember - there's no such thing as too many photos!

    Aunt Barb

  4. I'm here from Bev's blog to say Hey!! I love your MIL and your Aunt in law too. They make me laugh, and you apparently make them laugh, so this could be a good match for me.

    Welcome to blogging!!

  5. Hi Janae and Dan, and welcome to the blogging family! Your Mom and Aunt Barb and Judith and really, most of your family and I are blogging buddies and it's good to see y'all joining in the fun.

    Congratulations on your own personal New Years Celebration, and I'm looking forward to progress pics of the bump and of your life in general. Great beach pics!

    Love and hugs,


  6. I am also here thru Bev and Aunt Barb....
    Started blogging about a year ago...
    Welcome to the blogging world...
    Congratulations on your upcoming little one...
    Look forward to looking at the pictures....
    Love your blog it is cute...
    Dixie from Slippey Rock, Pennslvania

  7. Welcome to the world of blogging! Your lovely mother in law sent me over and I'm excited to visit with another member of the family! I live in the DFW metroplex and will soon have a college freshman student attending DBU! Small world, huh??!!

  8. Wow - look at Denise's comment! Wonder if Dan knows her freshman, and maybe he can send out a special hello to him or her. It is indeed a small world! See what nice blogging friends are out there?

  9. very nice, very nice! welcome to the blogging world! now i have a new way to pester you when i need your reports, eh? ;)

    hope you're feeling well this week!

  10. I'm here via Bev, Barb, or Sarah. Take your pick. I heart them all. Welcome to the blogosphere, and congrats on your pregnancy!