Sunday, January 16, 2011

My favorite blog for the past few months is......

I have LOVED this blog for several months now because
a) we were considering buying a home and I LOVE a chance to redesign and decorate (plans have since changed) ;) and
b) we live in an apartment in uptown--meaning I have to use my space wisely and still have it feel like a home.

I have stayed away from friends blogs/facebook for the past few months because I was just too overwelmed with life. HOWEVER at night while Dan was watching football--I was surfing the net looking for new furniture designs and paint ideas. Then I found Holly!! I thought I would share it since my MIL asked me about some designing blogs and she really thought it was cute. So here she is---I love that paints half of her sons furniture with "chalk board paint" --this is my plan for Daniel's nursery too! I also love a little bit of orgainized clutter--though my husband is a neat freak. She is able to achieve this look in an orderly manner. I also like that she explains a lot of her creations--to the point where I might actually be able to accomplish them as well. Everything she does is very achievable and pretty cost effective. Bringing home a baby boy in a few months I wanted to have some new ideas as to how to do his nursery and how to redesign some of my space here. Plus she and I have the same throw pillows all over the house--so I liked her taste in farmhouse/eclectic design from the beginning. Enjoy!!


  1. Very fun pics! Can't wait to see what Daniel's nursery looks like! :) Your little Jae is too cute, loved seeing yall for a quick min last weekend! :)

  2. indeed I did love her blog, have been enjoying reading her archives, and bought some chalkboard paint. when I told hubby that I plan to paint the entry mirror with it he thought I was nuts but I know it's going to look fabulous. what a fun idea for a nursery.

  3. Melissa: I totally forgot to send you an invite to Jae's b-day party. But I also forgot to send one to my Sister in law/my sister/and MANY other friends. I just didn't have my act together---so very sorry we missed you!! And thanks for keeping up with our little fam!

    Bev: you HAVE to go here too (below link)---she even gives you lessons on what to do---she has me inspired to SEW!!! And she is quick to email back if you have a question--love her! Her name is Emily and she is friends with Holly!