Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1----2----3 weeks old!!!!

Week 1
-Came home from the hospital on Sunday.
-Ended up going back to the doctor on Monday-due to no wet diapers--while at the doc my milk came in! But she lost 9% of her birth weight and we had to go back Wednesday to get her weight checked--she had successfully gained 6oz in 1 day!
-My mom,sisters, and bro stayed with us all week to help--which was MUCH needed!!
-We celebrated New Years with our baby girl
Week 2
-Bev (Dan's mom) came to stay with us--which was MUCH needed!! She even cleaned out our fridge and did some organizing and cleaning!!!
-Jae Beth had her 2 week check up--where she weighed in at 9lbs 7oz and 21 3/4 inches long. 90% for height and 75% for weight. This was also the appointment we discovered Jae Beth had stridor. Our doctor heard her nursing and she said "does she always sounds like that" we say "yep". She advised we go to a specialist to get her checked.
-We got out in the car with Jae for a couple of outings--never actually getting out of the car---but just driving around was nice!
-Dan had to go back to work mid week. ;)
-Her cord came off--in my friends lap--haha!!
-Jae got her social security card--she's now legit! I could have told the gov she was LEGIT before--trust me!!
-Our friends Kristen and Daniel came over to say hi--where they kept their adorable little girl Emily in jail (in her stroller) just to make sure little Jae didn't get any unwanted germs.
-Pace and Sarah came over to see Jae and we were able to say happy birthday to Pace--but we still have yet to give him his present!
Week 3
-Jae Beth and I ventured out on Tuesday morning to the ENT--I had to hold her down for a nasal scope--where they told us she would need surgery (which is where they will do a bronch scope and she will have to be put under)
-Wednesday morning at 8am we went to Children's Dallas to meet with an anesthesiologist and had her per-op exam.
-After this I made a 2nd opinion appt with another ENT in the area.
-This was over all a rough week---except that my sister Jill came over a couple of times to relieve me for a few moments so that I could pop in a load of laundry/take a shower/ and one day I even took a nap! Woo Hoo!!
-Jae Beth had her first bath!!
-The week ended well since my mom took off half a day on Friday ---and came to stay with us through Sunday Morning. Dan and I even had our first date since Jae Beth came into our lives. Thanks Mom!!!!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


  1. Oh my it does my heart good to see this. I forgot that she got to take her first bath - how funny that it was in the middle of the living room! It's such fun to see your journey into parenting - she is one blessed little girl to be so loved and have such a big family who already loves her so much. Keep it up - you guys are doing GREAT! xoxox

  2. Hey while Im thinking about it, you might think about deleting or cropping the photo with your address shown in it for privacy and security - just a thought?

  3. Done!!! what was I thinking!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Didnt want to be critical at all - you guys are sleep deprived enough it's amazing what all you are keeping track of. There are just some creepy people out there. xoxo

  5. Love the blog! I need to update mine with our weekly updates! I hope Jae's procedure goes well! We are praying for you guys! Janae, you need more than 1 nap!!! Sleep when she sleeps girl...the laundry can wait!!!