Monday, February 6, 2012

Jae Beth's 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Jae Beth.  Jae doesn't have a normal birthday.  She was born on Christmas day 2009.  Every year we try to find a day where her little friends are able to attend--however 5 of us had babies around the same time--so finding a date to celebrate has become a bit of a  challenge.  We may end up doing the half-birthday starting this summer.  Either way we will always love that Jae Beth was born on a special day!  During Jae Beth's sweet little 2 years on this earth she has moved 3 times, welcomed a little brother ( 17 months apart), and I quit job to be a stay at home mama. She has had to deal with a lot of change--and she has come through all of it with a funny, spunky, sensitive, and very sweet disposition. I love her so much! We share a few passions: family (she spends a LOT of time with my family), make up (which I no longer have time to put on ), sports, and she loves being outdoors.  She is like her daddy when it comes to details, reading books, and crowds.  However shortly after being overwhelmed by a crowd she becomes everyone's best friend!  We had such a good time making all the decorations/eating all the cake and cupcakes/ and getting to see friends and family. We loved every minute of this birthday party!

*Copied and made for about $3.00  the
*Bought my chevron bags and milk bottles from (love this site!!!)
*Already had the stamp of silhouette
*Already had the poms
*Made the chalkboard place mats (already had chalkboard paint and then bought place mats at the $1 store--painted--wrap chalk with jute)
*Cake/cupcakes from A Piece of Cake
*Already had paper straws (i have A LOT of papers straws--a bit addicted)
*Made the flags/pom toothpicks with the left over paper from the glitter garland
*Made all the paper hats and paper flowers from tutorial
*Water Bottle labels
*Already had Grey Bakers twine
*Printed all the free printables for the moms to take home and frame

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