Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthing--who knew there was SO much to know?!?

We attended a birthing class a few weeks ago. We got there at 8:40 and didn't leave until 6:30pm!! But we loved it. Mm--maybe Dan didn't appreciate being the example for the labor positions. However this was hilarious to our group of about 25. We learned so much from the staff and the Douala that taught it. They went into detail about the entire process--even bringing in the anaesthesiologist-Baylor L&D has four of them and they ONLY work in L&D---meaning they are experts! We also learned that Baylor downtown is the only hospital in our area that has a level 3 nicu---which translates to me that they are GOOD with babies! We loved the staff we met and we can't wait to bring Jae into the world at Baylor. Plus it doesn't hurt that they have completely renovated the postpartum rooms (not pictured). Dan can't wait to turn on his flat screen!


  1. Seriously how on earth did you get him to agree to that? Priceless!

  2. Janae - Baylor is ABSOLUTELY the best place to have a baby... you are in GREAT hands. The staff there is wonderful and the food is even good too. :) You can definitely tell that they all love their jobs and are there for anything and everything you need.... good luck and enjoy miss jae when she is ready to arrive!

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