Monday, December 7, 2009

Jae's Dallas Shower-- given by Sisters/Bev and Mom/Friends

Dan's mom and sister flew in to help host Jae's baby shower. The hostess were my sisters, Dan's sisters, Bev, and my dear friends from FC --Kristen, Kristina, and Catie. We got the most sentimental gifts---almost every hostess made something for Jae---I feel blessed that she will have women like this in her life. Not only are all of these women of God--they are all super domestic! And we all know that Jae's momma will most likely not be making her burp clothes or slings anytime soon! We were so happy to have Dan's family here for a week of fun! It's hard to believe that this was back in October--wow how I have grown!!!

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  1. It was such fun, wasn't it?! Can't wait to be back there again next week and see you guys again. xoox